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5 Ways You're Killing Your Real Estate Business Using Facebook

Have you noticed how much time you spend on Facebook? It’s probably the most commonly used social media platform among home investors and real estate agents. It’s also the least effective means of real estate marketing. That’s because most of your time on this social media site is filled with posts and interactions that are not improving your brand. In other words, you’re killing your real estate business using Facebook. Here are 5 ways you’re doing exactly that.

You’re Overposting

When it comes to social media marketing, you’re better off posting less rather than more. This is truer for Facebook than any other platform. When you overpost, it becomes difficult for your followers to keep up with your content. Not only will they be less inclined to like or comment on your posts, but they might even hide them from their feed altogether.

You’re Too Into Selling

Salespeople, you’re not the only ones guilty of this. A lot of people get so caught up in the selling aspect that they forget to do anything else. All they do is post pictures and videos of homes and properties for sale. If a potential client were to look at your Facebook feed, all they would see is homes for sale. What about your other social media pages? You might have a webpage for your business or you might be active on some other social media sites like Instagram or Twitter. But if you use Facebook solely to promote your listings, then you’ll be missing out on exposure to other potential clients. People use different platforms for different reasons: Twitter offers instant feedback from followers; Instagram offers visuals; LinkedIn is known as the leading professional network site.

You’re Not Paying Enough Attention

If there’s one thing you should know about Facebook, it’s that it’s a competitive place. You need to invest in your online presence and that starts with paying attention to your Facebook profile. Your profile is the first thing people see when they find you, so it's important that you have things like your photo and cover photo set up correctly. You don't have to spend hours on Facebook, but if you're not paying attention to what's going on with your account, someone else will. Your competition can take advantage of this by creating fake profiles for themselves or setting up ads for their business. And if they start investing in advertising before you do, you'll be at a disadvantage right off the bat.

You Have No Content Strategy

It’s a common misconception that Facebook is the place to post pictures of your latest listing or new offer. The truth is that Facebook is for building relationships and engaging with your audience, not for content delivery. Facebook should be the last stop in your marketing funnel—not the first. You should be posting links to blog articles and videos on YouTube, or promoting valuable content via LinkedIn or Twitter before you even think about posting it to Facebook. Once you have built up an engaged audience on those platforms, they’ll automatically come over to Facebook and they will start seeing all of the great content you’ve been cultivating there. That way, when you do post something to Facebook, people are more likely to care because they want to see what else you have for them—and it won’t feel like spam because it follows a logical progression from one platform to another.

You Have Bad Photos and Videos

You may be wondering how a bad photo or video could kill your real estate business. It’s more than just the quality of the photos and videos you post to Facebook. It also has to do with what you post and how often you post, as well as how many people see your posts. For example, if you post 3-4 times per day, but all your posts are just images of properties for sale with no text, people will soon stop paying attention to your posts. That’s because they can only see those limited amount of images before they scroll past them and forget about them. If you have a friend who is constantly posting on Facebook, it’s hard to keep up with all their posts since they come so quickly. Your friends might even unfollow or block you on Facebook because they don’t want to miss anything! And then there are advertisers who spend lots of money on promoting their services through ads that get seen by thousands of people at once time. Unfortunately, this gives everyone else a disadvantage when it comes to social media marketing strategies.

Final Words: How to Build an Audience on Facebook

If you’re killing your real estate business using Facebook, you need to make some changes. The first step is to spend less time on the site and more time building a Facebook audience. To do that, follow these steps: -Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date with information about you and your company. -Start posting content that will help people who are interested in real estate investing or selling their home. -Post at least 3 times per day – but only share content that will help people with the goal of building an audience on Facebook.

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